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A historical beauty, built in 1898 as a Church, is now a B & B furnished in antiques and art from top to bottom, with accommodation for 25+ overnight guests.
Its a peaceful place to gather with loved ones, or simply a space to gather your thoughts.

Welcome to Bell Aura. 


Catering in Carman, Manitoba

Enjoy the quiet picturesque town and relax in our onsite yoga & meditation studio and various meeting areas, reading nooks, lounges and sitting rooms.

We welcome health retreats, book clubs, crafting groups, you name it.


Accomodations in Carman, Manitoba

We serve delightful and nutritious breakfasts for our overnight guests, and we can provide catering services for your special event.

We create wonderful options, from scratch, for all culinary endeavors. 
(including international and ethnic foods, vegetarian or vegan, gluten, dairy or soy free options)

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